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Iron is the most convenient way to access quality virtual assistants to scale your business.

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Pre-vetted Virtual Assistants

Magic makes it easy to hire pre-vetted virtual assistants for your business. No sourcing, no screening, no overhead. We take care of it all for you.

Virtual Assistant Management Tools

Magic gives you the tools to manage your virtual assistants so they can produce results.

Lots of Flexibility

Want to add, remove or change assistants? Magic makes that easy too!

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Flexible pricing

Dedicated VA

Perfect for individuals or businesses

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    Iron is always there for you with advice to help you get the most out of your assistants.

    We’ll track your assistants performance and collect your feedback so assistants can improve.

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    Customer Stories

    Here’s how other business have scaled up with Iron Assistants.

    5 / 5

    We contacted Iron in our hour of need and they delivered. We were quickly matched with a VA named Leo. Leo had a wealth of experience in our field so was able to hit the ground running. She was responsive and attentive. The onboarding process was quick and simple and we would not hesitate to use their services again. Thanks team.

    Theo Rogers
    4.5 / 5

    Iron was first-class - the service and care we received from the team from onboarding to shortlisting and placing the best virtual assistant for our needs was exceptional. Virtual PA, Izzy, was outstanding - the work she did to get our CRM system up and running was a huge value-add and time-saver for the business. Very satisfied and highly recommend Iron.

    Sarah Anderson
    5 / 5

    My experience with Iron has been simple, seamless, very professional and my VA has given me the ability to breathe and think again!
    I was very impressed by the speed at which things progressed and how well matched my VA is with my needs. I have huge confidence in both Iron Virtual and my VA. Thank you guys for a job well done.

    Michael Pearson


    How do I hire an Iron virtual assistant?

    This is the best part – you do not need to create job postings, vet or train your assistant with Iron Virtual. They are vetted, highly trained, skilled and experienced to help you with your business tasks. Imagine just doing what you love in your business, spending time with your family, knowing that your assistant takes care of all important (and time consuming) tasks to help you grow your business faster.

    How do I work with my assistant?

    Your Iron virtual assistant works with you remotely using a task management platform. Simply add your task, add clear instructions and your assistant gets to work.

    How can Iron Virtual be so affordable?

    A common misconception: the more you pay, the more you get. But the truth is you are paying for more markup aka middleman. Not more assistance. We cut out the middlemen, as well as agency and platform fees, so you get the best trained assistants at fair and honest prices. No contracts, no gotchas, no hidden anything. It’s about time!

    Do I work with a single assistant?

    You will get your own assistant to work on all of your tasks. Nothing is outsourced.

    Can I access my assistant on the go?

    We give high priority to giving complete freedom for you to decide when and how to access your virtual assistant. Our task management platform is accessible via Web, Tablets and Smartphones. You can also email your assistant to send a quick note – however we try to have all communication stay inside of the task management dashboard so that will be the primary method of communication.

    What if I am not happy with my assistant?

    If you feel that your assistant might not be the best fit for your business needs or just doesn’t fit in with your company culture – simply send us a message and we will try to find you the best replacement as soon as possible.

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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to help you make the most of your time by getting help when you need it most.

    Providing you the most flexible system out there; once you open a ticket with us, the hours in it will only be calculated when tasks are done, delivered error-free, and have 100% quality assurance.

    Get an Iron Virtual assistant, grow your business, get more done, get your life back, and celebrate a win.